Variations on a Theme

How is your 'to do' list? Mine from last year. An early reminder to prepare for the holiday busyness.

Only a little bit different from yours really.
1. How to avoid getting cat litter in your shoes.
2. How to deliver 56 cup cakes [translation = mini muffins] and one large cake to four different schools in the same hour? Whilst avoiding speeding ticket.
3. Determine how to explain that underwear is a compulsory not an option in school? Another social story? Duct tape?
4. Find time to make and decorate cakes prior to delivery?
5. Research availability of cat shoes
6. Attend two school parties and one school performance at the same time?
7. Spruce up 'self' to be presentable = dye hair on head, remove hair everywhere else, wash and find clean clothes.
8. Read any book that isn't about autism to prevent too much self-absorption.
z. Install American spell checker and request assistance with numbering.
aa. Practice appropriate facial expression to exude calm and hide braces.
cc. Find very tiny very precious Pokemon toy or be mentally and physically prepared to take the consequences of failure. Search options
a. search toilets
b. empty vacuum
c. sift cat litter
dd. Think of gift for Spouse for Christmas
ee. Read latest book on autism, especially chapter 9 –' the reasons, causes and consequences of inadequate parenting.' Speed read if necessary.
ff. Think of gift for Spouse for Birthday 10 days later
gg. Recall which child is going to which therapist, on which day / time during the holidays?
hh. Find baby sitter for child/ children not attending therapy. Check list qualifications thereto. Ignore lack of same in self. Consider percentage of danger/bonus money associated with the task? Then double it.
ii. Carefully consider correct punishment for 5 year old forging his report card? Debate whether a bravery award for 'holding a pencil' would be more appropriate?
jj. Research best method of removing glue and glitter from toilet seat?
kk. Rethink the sensory diet. Brainstorm and forward plan all likely and obscure possibilities of the next / new step in the sensory diet.
bb. Remember to put them on body, the clothes that is to say, before exiting house.
ll. Research best method of removing glue and glitter from small derriere without pain, if the owner of the said derriere, suffers from tactile defensiveness.

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