A new partner every night – in flagrante delicto SATURDAY

It’s pitch black when he steps near the bed and snaps on the light to find us.
“Don’t say a word!” I command, “it’s not my fault,” I plead.
“No! I'm not complaining! I was just going to comment, that's all.”
“Well if you were home a bit sooner it wouldn't have to be this way!”
“Can I help it if we're in 'tape-out'?”
“You know your business dear, but all work and no play can lead to some rather alarming developments!”
“So I work whilst you play.”
“Depends upon your definition of ‘play?'”
“But when you work for a 'start-up' company, you know that the hours are going to be long.”
“There's 'long' and there's 'never released for time served!”
“Even so!”
“Well what's a woman supposed to do? Going to bed alone every night.”
“I know, but it's not as if you're lonely. Or are you?”
“Me! Lonely! Perish the thought. I long to be lonely..”
“Yet, every night when I get home, when I get to bed, there they are, another one, another someone in your,….. sorry 'our' bed. We need to discuss this?”
“There's nothing wrong, you're just not here. When you're not here, there's an empty place in the bed. Nature abhors a vacuum!”
“Well, it's all very disconcerting this business, I never know what to expect. It can affect a man you know. Several nights running now.”
“I know. What can I say in my defense? I am weak willed.” With a touch of pneumonia to boot.
“Is this some kind of Catholic sin of the flesh that I don't know about? Too many years in a convent?”
“Atheism can protect you from a lot of things!”
“Does he have a pull- up on?”
“He does.”
“I'll park him back in his own bed then shall I?”
“It's probably for the best.”
“I'll check on the others whilst I'm at it, afterall it's not 2 a.m yet.”
“True. Only 1:15 a.m. Quite early really!'

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