Not ‘autism,’ just funny

Last night I sat on the sofa. Being static was very boring, but I was supposed to be ‘resting’ prior to surgery on Monday. Senior son had decided to communicate with me voluntarily. Instead of really paying attention to him, as I should have been, I played with my new camera that Father Christmas brought for me. I tried to take his photograph because he was so happy and he was chatting to me just before bed. I noticed the ‘video’ sign on the camera, but as I didn’t have the camera manual handy I gave it a try anyway.

So this 8 second video is not ‘this is what autism looks like every day,’ doom, gloom, despondency, deep and meaningful footage. It is merely 8 seconds of the domestic chaos that we enjoy. It’s my first and probably last attempt, as it’s too technically challenging to upload / stick it in the right place.

It’s just a click away, up there on the right, just under the ‘shout’ icon, labeled pneumonia. Blink and you’ll miss it.

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