Autism – who has it toughest?

I'll give you one guess. That's right! Parents. Does the autistic child bother that he or she is autistic? Of course not. He just 'is.'
I suspect that different parents have different experiences of autism. There are a certain percentage of parents who receive a diagnoses for their child and embrace the news openly, after a period of adjustment. Such people are the fluffy granola head types of parent. Are they phased and devastated by the news? Does their life come to an end? No, not these troopers, they accept the diagnoses and work with it. They adapt and grow with their children.

Other groups of parents, have a different reaction entirely. These parents are more than severely miffed by the diagnoses. Such parents had a plan, a diagnoses of autism wasn't in the plan. Most things that aren't in the plan can be ameliorated, limited or disposed of, but autism doesn't fit happily into any of those categories. That is the main stumbling block. The anal parents club, of which I am the primary member, hold up the 'life plan' and wave it at anyone they can, screaming complaints, 'not fair! Don't do this to me!'

My club's main objection to autism is how it messes with my own life. Members generally have a narrow viewpoint, a small island that signifies their safety zone and an aversion to learning or doing anything new. If the member is also elderly, you can more or less guarantee that the limitations are cast in stone and ingrained. Whilst they give the impression that they lead a full life, in reality they are treading water pending death, whether that is a few years or a few decades away. This parent cannot see that their life is not dissimilar to that of a hamster on a wheel, cannot see past the bars on the cage.

Whilst they may be the epitome of selfishness, fortunately someone arrives with a key, and not a moment too soon!

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