If’s, when’s and maybe’s?

“I’m just saying ‘if’ at the moment. We’ll have to see.”
“Oh but please, please, pleeeeeeeeez?”
“We’ve not decided yet, Daddy and I have some more, er, talking to do.”
“O.k. so when we get the dog…”
“Not ‘when,’ ‘if’ dear…”
“O.k. so if we get a dog, what shall we call her? I like Shyler or Piri or Nelly or.. ooo there’s so many to choose from. It’s going to be so great, I’m gonna love her soooo much! I’ve wanted a dog like now foreverrrrr.”
“What about you dear?”
“Er? He is a boy? He is a girl? What he is? Um, I dont know, we can call him ‘dog’ coz he is.”
“Right. What about you dear?”
“I call it ‘wolf!'”

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