Petco aftermath

“Ooo ooo ooo, dont we jus luv him, he is so cutesy wootsy, he is jus so adorable, so pwitty and all, we luv him so, the little big guy.”
“Are you ready for your snack?”
“Woodji, woodji, woo, we luv you!”
“Hey! Food time! Chocolate pudding!”
“Isn't he just the best?” Rhetorical no doubt.
“Aren't you jus the smartest kitty katty in the whole wide world?”
O.k.! I get it. Speech therapy has taught you how to compliment.Horray!
“Actually , he a pretty ordinary kind of mongrel cat. Make that feral, Well, nearly feral. Rejected in any case. A second class citizen, er cat.” Now it’s time to stop. You are wasting your words. There are only so many per day. Shut up and save them for when you really need them!
“We love you dah best. You are just awesome.”
“Aren't you hungry? Come on now, you've been plaguing me for 35 and a half minutes for a snack. Here it is! Snack time. Lovely snacky wacky time!”
“Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous one, how can any one resist you in your adorable new collar. You are such a little doll guy.”
“Ok. Starve. Like I care.”

“He is dah pridiest cat ever, he is needing an award!” Would you care to generalize, or is that too much to ask?
“Where is the flea medication we bought anyway?”
Spouse appears and offers advice:
“Leave him be! Climb back into your kennel woman!”
So much for non-verbal!
It's a dog's life.

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