Awards – well more awards really

“Linda” over at “Are We there Yet” was kind enough to give me this “Community Blogger” award.

I’m mystified [just for a change] why she picked me as my blogging is so frazzled lately that I feel far less than worthy.

That aside, I can think of some other bloggers who are worthy.

There’s one blog I visit that worries me sorely. It worries me mainly because our “thought” processes are often so similar. I don’t think you should be allowed to drive an aeroplane and have those kind of thoughts at the same time. [I deliberately write ‘drive’ because I know that will be very annoying.] It’s so fun to push someone else’s buttons just because you can, so nip along to “White Noise” and write an “annoying comment,” as we all need something to perseverate about.

Another good spot to poke about, lurk and read would be “Pendullum” over at “Dribbling Wit.” The title tells you all you need to know, that an the nom de plume will send you swinging back and forth, hopefully in a gentle manner.

Then there’s “Carol” over at “Shrinkwrappedscream” who is an incredible community blogger. A fairly new one for me, but great fun and well worth the visit.

Cheers dearies

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