“tegdrib92” of the Brewer Family over at “And Miles to Go before we sleep,” has oh so very kindly given me an award, the Wonder Woman Award.

Of course this is the perfect award for me because I am always ‘wondering’ or what American’s call ‘dithering,’ or maybe the other way around? As I teeter on the edge of every fence I am now forced once again, to make a decision or two.

I suspect this is all part of some hideous plot, a twelve step programme to force me off the stile onto one side of the other. I may have to reveal my true identity as the unidentifiable “beast.” I have confused the authorities by skipping the country and hiding out in the States.

First off, I would like to pass it on to “Chelle” over at “Soodz” because she is a far better foreigner and wonder woman than I could ever aspire to be.

Also for “linda” at “Are we there Yet” because working, indeed devoting herself to such a profession must be a true vocation, or possibly temporary insanity, as well as managing her family single handedly in a truly remarkable manner so that her daughter’s creative talents have a worthwhile outlet.

Then to “flutter” over at “fluttercrafts” as her insight is refreshing and it’s a great place to poke around for the unexpected. You never know, this little poke might be enough to make her fix her profile on her blog – I am the mistress of the subtle hint.

Cheers dearies

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