Bodacious Blog Award

“Crystal” from “Crystal Jigsaw” was kind enough to bestow the ‘Bodacious Blog Award’ to me.

I am ashamed to admit that my two volume Oxford English dictionary has no entry for this word. Fortunately in the modern world we can rely on “Wikipedia” which tells us that
Bodacious can mean:

* A full-figured female body shape, also known as a voluptuous or Rubenesque figure
* Bodacious the Bull
* In CB radio jargon, a general-purpose word of praise
* A variety of iris (plant)
* Extremely cool, most excellent, “that is bodacious!”

I will leave you each to decide which definition is most appropriate for you and your blog.

The Unsuspecting Soul of the Bodacious Blog Award Goes To…

from “Puddle of Nothing.”

“Cami” over at “CamiKaos,” and “Mommified Me.”

And “Riseoutofme” over “here.”

I’ll be interested to see who you pass it on to and which definition you choose!

Cheers dearies.

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