You make me smile awards

Well the weekend is here and “Casdok” over at “Mother of Shrek,” as kind enough to send me this lovely little award for lying to my children on my blog. Because of that, I intend to find other bloggers who lie to their children and then give them this award too to assuage my own guilt.

Change of plan – it appears that I can’t find anyone else who is guilty of my crime, so instead I’ll be handing this out to people who made me smile this weekend.

Firstly to this little “gem” I love it! Everyone must go and look at the best award in the world ever. O.k. maybe not must but it’s still lovely and worth a peek, even though I am a little biased, but with a title like “inthebowl,” it has to be a keeper.

Then to “Diary of a goldfish” as awesome cooking and creative cakes should always be celebrated, and of course there’s that fishy thing going on too. Dalek’s indeed – my giddy aunt!

Lastly, because who can resist the “title bar!” and the “photos” make me realise that some people really are living life.

Cheers dearies

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