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“Milehimama” over at “Mamasays” has very generously granted me an award, the ‘Nice Matters” one. I feel a bit of a cheat really as I am more deserving of the “grumpy award” or the “Mildly Irritated Award” or the “Thoroughly Cheesed Off Award” but I have yet to see those making the rounds.

Now I have to find seven people to pass the award onto, but as is the way with these things, we all seem to gravitate to the same blogs!

Perhaps I should design a “Thoroughly Cheesed Off Award” and pass that around instead, but I fear that is well beyond my bloggy skills to date.

So I’ll kick off with “Anne” who hangs out at “Anneshouse” strangely enough, as it’s always good to keep an eye on the future and the terrible teens as opposed to the terrible twos. [No he’s a cutie really, but not orange]

Another good place to visit is “Michelle” at “The house of Lime” especially this post about how our own “childhood influences” our behaviour towards our own children. [called the ‘Jacket’ on the 30th November]

Do I have a colour thing going on here or a house thing going on here?

No, not really as next there is “Crystal” at “Crystal Jigsaw” who once again proves that her powers of self control are “unchallenged.”

“Veronica” over at “somedaywewillsleep” enjoys a similarly nocturnal existence to me, but one day soon she will graduate to sleeping and then I shall be all alone.

“Elissa” over at “Managingautism” is always full of good ideas, hints and tips, enough to put the rest of us to shame. Luckily she is technically challenged too as we struggle up the same learning curve with other tech savvy bodies.

over at “Crazy Thoughts” is physically attached to her computer, but that mainly because she’s in the middle of moving and we all know how stressful that can be.

Number seven goes to “Top Cat” at “Open Window” because I love cartoons and a giggle. Hope he doesn’t put up a rude one just in time for this.

Cheers Dearies

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