Blogging Buddy Awards

“Mamampj” over at “A Room of Mama’s Own” has passed along this lovely award of the ‘blogging buddies.’ Is my feline bias on show?

Fortunately this award is self explanatory so I won’t have to test my brain capacity by coming up with suitable international translations.

Barely a year ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was. If you had told me that I would make blogging friends I would have scoffed and doubted your ability to spell.

Hence, for this post I had a dig back to when I first started blogging, to those people that I first met on the blogosphere to acknowledge their help, support and understand over the last year and how much I appreciate them.

One of my first buddies was “Jerry” over at “My Autistic Boy and Other Adventures in Fatherhood” We share a common perspective but his wife is much more attractive than mine.

Then to “Susan Senator” who was kind enough to let me know how to go about commenting in her usual gracious manner.

Also to “mommyguilt” over at “musings of a housewife” for her many kind comments and encouragement.

Again to “Hattie” over at “MotherPie” a real writing woman. In fact I suspect that she enjoys the title of lurker/rare commenter, so if you share this title, consider yourself similarly thanked.

Also to “4-frogs” at “4 green and speckled frogs”
where she shares her families disappointments and triumphs.

“Lisa” at “Lisa-jedi” over at “Life in the New Republic”

shares her creative family moments and her kind words were very much appreciated.

Then to “Gretchen” over at “Gretchen’s Blog” where she spans the generations just like me but with far more grace and charm than I can muster.

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