Awards – less than three

“Kelley” over at “Magnetoboldtoo” has every so kindly given me this absolutely spiffing little award which she made herself!!!

This is how she describes it:-

“Now the explanation. When the girls and I want to express our mutual admiration in public we say 'Less than Three'. If you look at it sideways:


It looks like a heart. So I heart you.

And I do. Every one of you. Even the lurkers.”

So it’s my turn to share. I’m glad she pointed out that I don’t have to award to to 28 people as that’s way beyond my capabilities but maybe if I keep it brief? Maybe people touched by autism that aren’t on the Hub would be a good place to start.

First to “Grace Under Autism.”
2. “Judith”
3. “Kristenspina”
4. “Kyra”
5. “Gretchen”
6. “Cristine”

7. “Kal”
8. “Lisa Jo Rudy”
9. “Julie”
10. “Bonnie”
11. “Jen P”
12. “One March Day”
13. “Autism’s Edges”
14.“Another Autism Mom”
15. “Redhead Momma”
16. “Autista”
17. “Mom to JBG”
18. “Cottontales.”
19 “Mom to Mr. Hansom”
20. “Karianna”
21. “Mum without a Manual”
22. “Lora”
23. “Tulip Mom”
24. “Kirsten”
25. “Queen of Shake Shake”
26. “Autism Schmatism”
27. “Christina”
28. “Drama Mama”

Hmm, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea afterall. It’s been a tough week here with everyone on holiday. There are so many autism blogs which really ought to be on my blogroll apart from the fact that I can’t figure out how to do that. I thought I’d wait until the new blog was up and running and do it then, but it’s even more difficult on the new blog.

I am of course the ‘cut and paste’ Queen, but printing out other people’s blogrolls and sticking them on the computer with glue isn’t working for me.

So I think I’ll stop now and spend some time trying to work out the blogroll nightmare instead. So if you’re not included yet please don’t take offense. Instead you could leave your URL behind or the URL of autism blogs that you like [and possibly some blogroll hints to point me in the right direction for WordPress!]

Cheers dearies

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