Awards with Bling!

I’ll tell you one thing for free, I’m beginning to understand the purpose of these awards as they certainly boost my morale.

I really don’t know what’s happening around my home at the moment and these awards make me happy to escape reality.

Reality at the moment seems to be turning me into an all day random day care facility. Only a couple of weeks ago another mum and I agreed that it would be lovely for the girls to get together for a playdate. We had a playdate here. Then we had another play date here. Now we are having another play date her. A pal is coming for a pre-arranged play date this afternoon.

Less than five minutes ago, a Dad pulled into the roadside, opened the car door and tossed his daughter out. We watched from the window. He didn’t even pause to see whether she went safely from the gate to the door, or whether the door opened, or whether she went inside, or whether she was greeted by a Grizzly bear! Don’t even get me started on the reciprocal side of things, not that I’m counting of course. Perish the thought! Come one, come all seems to be the motto of the moment.

Now where was I?

Ah yes, Awards with Bling!

It sounds like an menu item with something on the side! But there you go, that’s just me. My pal over at “Around the Island” has been kind enough to sent me this very neat [that means tidy] award. What does ‘neat’ really mean out here anyway? I hear it so often although fortunately it’s not affected my household yet. You can check out her blog and her family’s antics at “Around the Island.” I’m very impressed with these people who can combine a post with an awards ceremony!

So now it’s my turn to send a little sanity out there through the ether. First to “Delilah” over at “Floating in Space.” If you’ve not visited before, then you might like to start here on her post called “A goal.” Don’t worry it has nothing to do with English football.

Then to “Joey Mom” over at “My Life with Joey.” She’s down with the flu like everyone else at the moment, but this post called “addicted” applies to just about all of us. There again, if you’re more of a shopping type, then you might prefer “here.”

Also to “Kassiane” over at “Rhettdevil,” now that I’ve found her blog again rather than whizzing off to that strange blue page that never changes. [what a twit I am!] If you’re a newbie I would suggest you start here on her post called “Thank you,” just you were in any doubt about the power of blogging.

Next to “Joker” at “The Musings of a Lurcher” not to be confused with a ‘lurker.’ This is for all you doggy fans who wish your pup could talk. A good place to start would be over here in her posting called “In the doghouse,” as we’ve all been there once in a while.

I think I’ll pause there as I forgot to save this half way through and therefore mislaid the other three! I refuse to get hung up on the number seven.

I am back again [6 hours later, post play date]

So over to “FXS Mom” at “Fragilex.” She’s one of the troopers that still visits my old Black and White blog. You never know, maybe I can lure her over to the new one! If this is a new site for you then you might like to start here at her post “What kind of Cartoon Animal Are You?” coz those are always fun unless you end up being the Tasmanian Devil!

Then to “Corky” from “Corky’s log.” If you need a baby fix [go on, we all need one every now and again!] then nip along to “boy small,” but if you’re really a hard hearted cynic like myself, then start of here as this makes a great introduction to “Corky Shares from the heart.”

Do you know how I know that the play date is over? Well, I know because 45 minutes after pick up time passed, a car pulled up outside the gate, honked the horn, the play date pal fled from the house and they zoomed away in a pile of dust and a scattering of gravel. I assume they are late but my milk of human kindness begins to curdle!

Don’t you just love ‘normal’ behaviour?

Maybe I should rename my blog = “Grumpy 24/7”

At least it’s saved me the bother of making an appointment at the tattoo parlour so that I can permanently plant ‘twit’ on my forehead.

Ooo a quick international question from the ever so slightly confused [take pity on me!]

When you send your child to someone else’s house for a sleepover do you expect:-

a] a bed with linen to be provided

b] a mattress and sleeping bag to be provided

c] send your child with their own sleeping equipment

d] none of the above

Cheers dearies

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