Excellent Award I


“Mid-Lifer” over at “Navigating a midlife crisis” has very kindly given me this natty little award. I was a little worried at first, as I suspected that it was an ‘E’ for ‘exercise,’ as nominated ‘to go out and run about a bit’ award. Perish the thought!

So first of all I’d like to pass it on to “Chelle” at “Crazy Thoughts” a misnomer if ever I heard one!
I don’t think I could pay enough for that kind of crazy. If you’re new to her blog then I would [respectfully] suggest that you poke about here on her post entitled “I am beautiful.” I would have to admit that I haven’t actually bought this book but I think it behoves all of us, who are parents of girl children, to give this important matter some serious thought. Ban the Barbies that’s what I say! But Chelle says it so much better[er!].

Moving on, has anyone managed to avoid “Casdok” over at “Mother of Shrek” yet? You have! Then shame on you! No matter, it’s not too late to make amends, you can whizz on over there now, but if you’re a bit of a cowardy custard, wary of ‘British Humour,’ then you can very safely start off at this post of hers called “Hungry,” but doooo be careful. Make sure that you’ve had a snack first!

A newbie one for me, but none the less excellent for that, is “Mary the Teach” over at “Work of the Poet.” Now to be fair, I’m not entirely happy to hand out an award to a teacher than comes in the form of an ‘E’ as it seems far too close to an ‘F’ for fail, but that’s the Alphabet for you. If this is a new one for you too, then you could do a lot worse than start over here at her post called “Things I’ve giving up for Lent.” [that’s a lie of course as it’s a Thursday 13 thingy, but it’s a great introduction, especially for us visual learners.]

Then to “Heidi” at “Viking Conquest” and “Family Adventure.” The woman is a tower of strength but all too human, in the nicest possible way of course! If you’ve not had the energy to visit her yet, then a good spot to start would be this post called “And the weather Forecast calls for…” partly because it makes me feel homesick and partly because it’s someone else’s take on life in Britland.

It’s hard to work out who has the biggest brain when it comes to blogging about the topic of autism, but “Autism Diva” would be right up there. I expect that if your life hasn’t been touched by autism then you may not have come across this blog before. It that’s the case then a gentle introduction would be this video where lots of “our kiddie winkies frolic.”

Another relatively new place for me is “Mrs. Wibbs” over at “Wibzways.” She and her busy family sizzle through their days in just the kind of laid back way that I aspire to, but can’t manage very often. If it’s new for you too, then a good place to start would be here in her post called “Wise Fun,” where she’s more than captured a few corkers.

So how many is that? Six? O.k. one more there for the perfect 7.

So it’s over to “Three and Holding” where “Janet” does a mighty find job of steering her fine family in the right direction. I of course am a little biased but I’m fairly confident that other myopic persons such as myself, could benefit greatly from this post of hers called “I can see clearly now,” where you too can try out a zillion different frames, or failing that, vote for which pair she should really have bought.

Cheers dearies.

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