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“Shellie” over at “Little but Loud” has very kindly given me this excellent’ award. Clearly poor “Little but Loud” is slightly delusional, because everyone knows that at best, I only ever score F for failure or a tad bit futile. There again since we are both donating our brains for scientific research, maybe I should cut her a little slack.

So first up we have “Melody” at “Slurping Life.” “Melody” is so hopelessly optimistic that it makes my toes curl. She’s already had one of these [I was a bit late in the starting block] but there’s no harm in confirming her superiority. Now there’s a woman that could do with a huge dollop of scepticism, but she’s unstoppable. Nip over there and stop her at this post called “These are the times when you know.”

Another super dooper blogger is “Angela” over at “Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy.” Things are definitely chaotic over there as her blog template is on the blink, true agony indeed. I’m seriously in debt to her, indeed I may very well be partly to blame for her chaos as she has been fiddling about making custom awards for me to hand out to other people. That’s real super star skills as far as I’m concerned. In the meantime, if you are new to her blog then her post called “You’re all it” because it makes for a great visual introduction.

Then to “The Other Lion.” Many life times ago, I was a divorced single mum. I had the support and comfort of my family but I remember how ‘going it alone’ really was. Whilst my circumstances are completely different now, I find it helpful to hang on to some of those memories so that I don’t get too high handed. If this is a new place for you, then you might like to start off here with her post called “Picture Meme” because we visual learners love them and they also make for great introductions.

Another good place to visit is “Sarah” at “The Nefariouspoo of Sarah,” I mean who could resist such a title? Such has such a full plate, but handles it with charm, strength and patience. Whilst I have been known to moan in my time “Sarah” advocates in an entirely different manner. Would that we were all so “gracious.”

Then to “Catherine” at “Kitchen Table Math, the sequel.” Yes I know it’s very strange for me to even mention the word maths, but this is a real stonker of a blog. The only problem is, that you have to have a really huge brain to benefit from this site, which disqualifies me instantaneously. I rarely comment there because I really don’t need to advertise my ‘thicky, thikcy, dumb, dumb’ status quite so publicly. If you have a gifted child then there are lots of ideas here. If you have a quirky child then again, there are lots of ideas here. If however, you are a lesser being such as myself, you can always do what I do, hide underneath the kitchen table and earwig, you never know, we might just learn something over “here.”

Also for “Mum keeping sane” over at “It’s all okay.” as both of those phrases run through my brain all too frequently. So you know that phrase ‘if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all’? well nip along here to her post called “When the juggler drops the ball,” for a quick reminder, and yes she is a wonderful mum.

Then to “r.b.” [I think I should keep that anonymous but let me know if I’ve made a mistake] over at “Hard Won Wisdom.” Many of us are educators in a way, but some people just do it so much better. If this is a new blog for you, then get your toes tapping and whiz along to her post called “nerd fighters happy dance project,” how can you resist!

Also to “Kristina Chew” over at “Autism Vox.” Yes I know it’s another autism blog for goodness sake and yes she does have the biggest brain on the blogosphere [and possibly off the blogosphere too] I think her blog was the first one I was ever brave enough to comment upon, so you might be able to be brave too. Her writing style keeps us all up to date and you can enjoy a little “geekdom” if you’re more comfortable with that option, called “I think therefore I google.”

Cheers dearies

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