Awards – excellent friendship day

Unfortunately things have been a little more “chaotic” than usual.

In an attempt to streamline awards I shall try and combine them, quite a step up for the bloggy challenged such as myself.

“Casdok” over at “Mother of Shrek” has had a huge party over at her blog, where awards were doled out like an Oscar ceremony. The woman is positively rattling with awards.

So first to “Misha” over at “A day in the Life” . Misha is just like the rest of us, bimbling along, great at juggling and with more patience in her left pinky nail than anyone could wish for. If this is a new spot for you then a good place to start would be over here at her post called “Drive by Anonymous Preaching” because it helps give everyone insight into the negative aspects of commenting anonymously.

Next to “Brillig” at “Twas Brillig” which indeed it really is. It’s brillig for lots of reasons, but one particular reason is her post here called “A Fairy Tale of Sorts,” because I just love it when we find some truth and stick to guns because we just know our instincts are right.

Also to “Angela” at “Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy.” In particular I would politely draw your attention to this post on “breast cancer” as it’s very easy to help do your bit.

The use of language is one of my biggest bug bears, yet I’m just as guilty as the next idiotic grown up who chats away oblivious to the little sponges that habitat my home. As “Attila the Mom” points out in her blog called “Cheaper than Therapy” in her post called “language is powerful”

Another version of language, where it stems from, can be seen over here at “Dave’s” blog called “Chewing the Fat,” in his post called “Words. Tone. Death.”

Then “Kitty Mamma” over at “okasaneko” gave me this lovely award called ‘Friends are the Oscars of the soul.’

“Lou Ceel” is one of those creative types, and blogs every day! His insight is always refreshing and reminds me that there is always something new to learn. If you’d like to learn something new too then you could pop along to his posting called “The New Rome.”

Also to “Chelle” at “Crazy Thoughts.” I can’t quite figure out how to link to a particular post of hers from her template, as I am suffering a little brain strain today, but pop over then anyway as you’ll not be disappointed.

Then to “Julie” at “Autism Blog,” as she’s just taken a huge step in the blogging department and I’m a great believer in positive reinforcement, use it or lose it, or maybe try, try, try again! If this is a new one for you, then try reading her post called “Helping a Sib Understand Autism,” because I for one need reminding about our typically developing children too.

Also to the “Domestic Goddess” at the “Undomestic Goddess,” since we appear to share a common thread of stress, amongst other things. If this is a new one for you, then maybe you should start here in her post called “I heart my hairdresser.” We could almost be twins now……well if I were 20 years younger…….

Then to “Melody” from “Slurping life.” Firstly because I know that this is one that she has not already received, which is quite an achievement in view of the accolades of awards that follows her around. Secondly because although our children are very different we are all coping with variations on a theme as you can see in her post called “A Bottle of wine called my name,” not to be confused with ‘my name is a bottle of wine!’

“Karen” over at “Art in the Garage” sent me this lovely award ‘You make my day.” Thank you for thinking of me “Karen.” Thank you Karen, I need cheering up at the moment.

One place that often cheers me up is “Mr. Bloggerific” over at “Your Packaging sucks.” Yes I have mentioned him before but many of us are creatures of habit and drawn back to the familiar, easy going style that oils the wheels of a calm mind. That said, it you fancy a little boost then pop along to his post called “The Perfect Song?”
I hope you won’t be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t but that may be because I’m missing someone in particular at the moment.

Then to “Jocelyn” at “O Mighty Crisis.” Now it would be less than truthful of me to say that “Jocelyn” makes my day, because of course those days are in between whiles rather than daily. “Jocelyn” is one of those part time rather than daily bloggers. This is because “Jocelyn” has a real life, a busy one. So whilst she’s doesn’t make my day every day, I must be content with this part time effort, and with effort like “this” who am I to complain?

So that will have to be all for the moment as I’m out of time [although I’m never out of recommendations!]

Cheers dearies

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