Breakfast at…….mid day maybe?

What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Why not combine our weekly trip to a restaurant with a gentle stroll? I’m on my own at the moment as their Dad had to “leave” for “England” unexpectedly.

I think my first mistake was the belief that 'breakfast in restaurant,' equated with 'motivation or reward,' surely proof positive of a serious brain malfunction on my part.

I knew that my brain was in a worm hole because after less than 50 yards I could calculate that at the current rate of progress, we might just arrive by next week, if we were very lucky. During these scientific multiplications it also dawned on me that next week, after we had eaten breakfast, I lacked any suitable motivation for the return trip home.

I was haunted by the upcoming newspaper headlines:-

'Foreigner takes up residence in Flames restaurant.

When interviewed, the woman Mrs. Madeline McMad, 47, explained that although she had permanent residence status in the United States, she and her children we unable to leave Flames, a family run franchise. McMad's home is approximately 1000 yards from the restaurant. Although walking impaired, she otherwise appears to be in good health. McMad owns a vehicle and a valid California Driver's license.

The owner of the restaurant, Mrs. Lalima Bhata is at a loss to explain her sudden popularity.

“At first I thought they were seeking Political Asylum but they're already citizens.”

The case is now being handled by the FBI, due to possible International terrorist connections. Agent “Mu Meng” was not at liberty to provide further information but explained 'clearly this woman has some serious, unresolved, psychological issues. She has a perfectly good car and yet choose to walk to the establishment. Now she claims that she has lost the ability to walk. You can be sure that there is more to this than meets the eye. She has an ulterior motive and it's our duty to find that motivation and protect the American people from this idle threat.'

Anyone willing to put up bail?

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