Not Autism

Some bloggers have sitemeters. Some bloggers check their sitemeters to see who is searching what subject, if they are brave. Occasionally I am brave and check. What follows are three pieces upon subjects that three people researched via google.

This is the third topic:-

Not Autism

Apart from the people who search rude subjects and words, by far the most common searches that I see on my blog, are lists of what might be called 'symptoms' followed by the two words 'not autism.'

When I see them, I get a lump in my throat, but it's all foolish conjecture on my part. I feel sorry for the people who have unwittingly ended up on my site, as there are so “many sites” with accurate laundry lists of “what signs to watch for.” Those poor benighted searchers, looking for answers, I feel such a cheat.

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