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“Shelia” from “The Crooked made Straight.”

Her comment was on the “Impartial” post.

She commented as follows:-

“He is AWESOME and the way you describe him is LOVELY. We see him and you and Dad! We are there with you in the moment. We get the humor, feel the frustration, and yet experience all of the beauty encapsulated in your lives together.”

I was already grumpy. I had also recently received an email from someone who claimed affinity with my perspective on autism. Someone who agreed with the title “Cold hearted empty shell.” Someone who is unfamiliar with sarcasm.

It played on my mind. I wondered whether I should drop the sarcasm? Maybe I should pretend that we live a charmed perfect life? Maybe I should moan about the miserable bits? Maybe I should stop blogging altogether?

Not everyone likes to comment publicly, some people email me privately instead, but it’s feedback that lets me know whether the message is coming through.

I don’t like crossed lines.

Very, very cross.

I came stomping into the house after fighting with a truculent tropical tree, when the fork broke. Shelia’s message came zinging through, loud and clear.

Maybe I should rename it as ‘Sanity Citation’ or a ‘Certificate of Sanity’? Either way, grateful thanks.

So if you are new to her blog, I would recommend that you could grasp the ‘flavour’ from this posting called “Turn the Other cheek.”

Certainly made me think.

Cheers dears

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