Pause for thought

“Mike Stanton” of “action for autism” a member of the “autism hub” drew our attention to a “new case” which needs our thought. You can read the article here in the “Mail online” and I’ll update with a link to the Channel 4 programme soon.

Very best wishes to Henry and his family.

If this seems an unlikely turn of events watch “here” it’s about 1 minute into the piece after the headlines and it’s about the first 9 minutes long. Click on the right side where it shows Ben Haslam [part three] and hit play. [Mon 14th July] I needed the volume up full to hear it. Bear in mind that the current US dollar to sterling is 2:1.

I’ll let you know when I figure out how to access part 1 and 2.

Thanks to Sarah Spiller for this series.

To read an educated opinion on this trend go “here” on “Left Brain Right Brain.”

For me, tonight’s nightmare will consist of a private and personal discussion:- ‘would we be willing to relinquish custody of our children to have their needs met by the State?’

But we’re lucky, as it’s only a theoretical debate.

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