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“Frog’s Mum” over at “4 Green and Speckled Frogs” has been kind enough to give me this natty little award! She certainly deserves that award after seeing that fabulozo “video.” Bless his little cotton socks………or maybe bare little tootsies that aren’t webbed!

So first to “Carrie” at “Fully Caffeinated,” I bet she drinks it by the vatful just like me. Is she ever “smokin hot!” Note casual use of American colloquialism!

Then to “Jess” over at “Diary of a Mom.” I’m going to have to recheck this post as I keep muddling my ‘mums’ and ‘moms’ which probably means that someone’s going to nip along at hit me with one of these pretty soon.

If you’re new to her blog you might like to start off here at her post called “The Kandinksy is painted on two sides.”

Then to “Velma” at “A Smeddling Kiss” If you happen to be a newbie, check out the “Savage Chickens” on her Sunday post. For some unaccountable reason I’m unable to link to that page directly?

Also for “Rhemashope” as the poor benighted woman needs a little sweetness in her life. Whilst I’m more of a crisps and nuts kindofagal, other people have different “cravings.”

Then for “Tammy” or maybe just “Parker?” because little toes are always irresistible.

Also for “Melody” at “Melody is Slurping Life” because I need to ensure that she is fully obliged to deliver on her video promise. O.k. so it wasn’t really a promise but we can always do with a dollop more guilt, right?

Then to “Dantes Inferno with Children” because she could do with the distraction either right now, or when she gets back.

Also to “Michelle” a lovely little peacemaker, would that we could all just get along and play nice.

Ooo it’s like Piccadilly “Circus” around here. I must be well over the limit.

I must have second “Sight” or something? Maybe I should leave that skill to the “experts?” I should just “let it be,” afterall, “is this what you do all day?”

But you know how it is, some people are just so much more “Magnetic” than others. Some other others struggle with “perfection” but always in the most diplomatic manner and just still “others” often “wonder.” Maybe I’ve “Bitten off” more than I can chew?

So let the “Force” with us and lets not get “Flushed Away” with our enthusiasm, especially those “working” so hard and never “Fear” as we are here learning “together” and having a “ball.”

Don’t let your neurosis “run away without you” or have too many “nightmares.” We certainly make up a very interesting “Mosaic.” There really are some “phenomenal” tales out there you know?

Out of time now petals, but it’s a great cure for “insomnia” I’d highly recommend it.

If I offend “anyone” I apologize but my numb is brain and someone close to me is still very short in the word department. And should you ever be down in the dumps or suffer a short rash of self pity then nip along and “Hi de ho there!” to your pal and “mine.”

Cheers dears zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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