Comment of the week award – be a twit in private

[Inspired by “Scribbit.”]

Tricky this week as there’s been so many brilliant comments from sparkley commentators and of course it’s only Friday evening which doesn’t really count as the end of the week depending upon you’re one of those Saturday Night Feverish types or the pleasantly straightlaced Sunday nighters, not that I should wish to tie my colours to either camp.

Perish the thought!

So to…………

Susanne over “here” So helpful, practical and big hearted, but would you believe it? The poor woman is blogless, what a state of affairs!

Thusly instead or rather also, the award goes to…..

“Amanda” for her comment “here”
which we can view as a ‘how to not be a twit in public 101’ which reads as follows:-

‘For holding doors — I'd say don't do it without asking. I just heard from someone who managed to become severely injured because they were disabled and had to go through doors their own way, someone held it open for them, and they fell through and crashed to the ground.

And every wheelchair user has stories about people who hold the door open but stand in a place where the person can't get through it (and for those of us who can't talk, we can't necessarily do “excuse me” especially with our hands full).

If you get a grouchy reply — don't be too hard on yourself. It's probably just about the person having a bad day (maybe having had 20 similar conversations the same day and just being sick of it like anyone could get), not about you in particular.

What's weird to me is how when I need help there's usually nobody around, but when I don't need help there's five people grabbing at my chair and lifting it up off the ground to carry it who knows where (I'm serious). Just one of those weird things in life.’

and for helping us all understand a little better, until my next “blunder.” Some of us just aren’t safe inside or “out!”

Cheers dearies

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