Photo Friday – ordinary

Surprise, surprise we can do very ordinary too.

Unless you take into account the photographer himself, who was supposed to be in bed, and the fact that it’s merely a reflection in the glass window, then it’s a bit more…..well…..less ordinary, at least around here.

If you enjoy photography as well as a giggle, you may wish to pop along to “DJ Kirky’s” blog and have a go at her “caption contest” or even book mark it for next week?

Cheers dears

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  1. Robin:

    That’s a terrific photo. Past his bedtime or not, he’s got a great eye!

  2. bonnie:

    That is a great photo.

    By the way, I would kill for arms like yours! I was unfortunately not blessed with small bones!

  3. Osh:

    Maddy, you are beautiful, inside the window and out.

  4. Carrie:

    OMG – you look like “My Jenny!”

  5. Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle:

    The caption link was fun, and the picture too. Happy Friday!

  6. Frog's Mom:

    Lovely picture! All the more special because of the sneaky photographer : 0)

  7. Tammy and Parker:

    Is that YOU in the reflection?

    Some types ordinary can be fun too. ;D


    Merci beaucoup pour le message et le passage sur le site

  9. Ahva-Rahn:

    An Emo look – boot polish hair dye will make it perfect.

  10. jams O'Donnell:

    It’s a very nice shot Maddy

  11. buffalodickdy:

    I really wish I knew what you were talking about.. even half the time!

  12. Marita:

    That picture feels like coming home.