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Additional little deviations.

First of all many grateful thanks to “Angela” from “Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy” the button making genius for creating these buttons for me in the first place.

I love them both and couldn’t decide which one to use and then I thought, delegation! Someone else can make the decision for me, much easier, you get to choose.

To “Michelle o”Neil” at “Full Soul Ahead” for “Baked Pears / Riley’s Dessert.”

“Melinda” for her “recipe” for cookies and who also hangs out over here for special diets “gfcf Mama.”

Then to “Bipolarlawyercook” for her post called “Spinach pear and chicken apple sausage salad,” the picture is enough to make you slather!

Then “Your Vegan Mom” because she is just wonderful when you’re in a fix, which I usually am. Try out this recipe for “Pizza Sandwich” but only if you can dislocate your jaws of course.

“Michelle” at “Zanes Milk Machine” for her post “Mich cooks snowballs.”

For “Empress Bee (of the High Sea)” on “Muffin 53” and her post “Snickerdoodles.”

And to “Hammer” from “When your Only Tool is a Hammer” for his recipe called “Hammer’s Wing Recipe” which strangely has nothing to do with flying.

Lastly to the “Antiwife” for a very interesting and alternative “recipe” indeed!


1. If you have time you may wish to link to the originators [Ooo, that would be me I suppose? No that would probably be “Angela” on second thoughts. Can you tell that I pinched these rules from someone else?]

2. Whizz it off to seven other blogs that you like, ideally to a perfect and specific recipe.

3. Tell the awardee that you have awarded them [because lots of people will never know otherwise because they have no way of knowing unless you tell them, unless they’re higher up the blogging learning curve than I am!]

4. Sit back and enjoy the glow.

Cheers dears

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