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It's quite a challenge really.

Following last week's first attempt to find something to smile about, this probably means that I have to crank up the pressure and delve even deeper to find something else to smile about

So it's Thursday as I write and not so much as a snigger in sight nor even further in mind. I wish I could pod cast the telephone message I received yesterday, as that was definitely of very high snorting value. What else? Surely there must be some little nugget buried away somewhere?

Ah yes! A nugget.

We were outside in the garden so that my engineering type could explain my errors with the “irrigation system.” There was a flower pot full of all the hardware, screws, piping, little widgety things that control the water flow and my son was sitting nearby playing with his Pokemon.

He explained that there were two types of widget, one that dripped and one that squirted and I'd bought the wrong ones. They looked exactly the same to me, so he picked up one of each and examined them to explain the differences when my son perked up and said “one is being pointy wiv a lil spot hole and one is being long wiv a big hole in dah middle.”

He wasn't even looking at the parts.

It reminded me of several things, his visual acuity, his ability to appear to be absorbed in something else and supposedly oblivious to other people's doings and the other thing… know………that thing about……….there's none so blind……

Sorry my numb is brain!

Aha! I've just thought of something else when I posted these photos earlier this morning. I have a second thing that made me grin.

It's a bit like the back story to the “photos.”

It was such a hot muggy day, yes I know, England does have the occasional stiflingly sticky day.

Back then they were so small.

We were having an 'outing' on one of our first family trips to England. It was not a happy time. My children are like fine wine and do not travel well. We were still at the stage where the boys were physically attached to me 99% of the time. They were either in the double stroller or being carried. Walking anywhere were virtually impossible.

I had been carrying one or both for several hours. I was completely exhausted and mystified by their misery. My husband constantly told me not to carry them, but I never listened.

I concluded that it was probably my own attitude, grumpy, that was bringing everyone down. I decided to lighten up, both physically and mentally. We would play a game. Run down the path in a race to get out of the sun and into the shade. It would be fun. I would break the spell and happy innocent laughter would bubble up from the well spring.

I briefed them all. I made sure I had everyone's attention first. I was lively, animated, joyful, teasing, clear in my message. No-one would die from a few minutes separation. Then I legged it.

I waited at the foot of the steps and took photos of their happy progress.

I could hear them. Oh could I ever hear them. Everyone could hear them. Surely some child was being skewered by a monster as their cries of agony percolated through the fetid air.

Of course they never 'arrived.'

As usual I had to submit, defeated, but boy have they come a long way since then, positively leaping now.

More of a gem than a nugget.

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Cheers dears

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