Special exposure wordless wednesday

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Or if that doesn’t work for you try this link “here” for the last days of “summer.”

p.s. have your ‘volume’ on medium, wouldn’t like to squirt your ear drums without a warning!

Alternatively, I do have a few words over here on “alien” completely free of spittle, or some other words over on “Sandwiched Genes.”

p.s. a few people have asked which camera we used so here is a link to it = the Sakar 26692 VGA underwater digital camera, sorry it’s commercial but there are no details on the camera itself and we recycled the packaging, don’t forget to read the ‘ratings’ bit.  Although it does technically hold loads of photos if you want good resolution…..er……clear piccies then we used the setting that limits you to 26 photos.  Don’t ask me anything more technical than that, I’m at my limit.

p.p.s I lied.  On the camera it says ‘made in China.’

Cheers dears

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