Flu Season –just a lot of hot air

Flu Season –just a lot of hot air
The birthday date approaches with only two of us sporting coughs, colds and possibly flu.  The sniffles snuffle through the  family as I keep a close eye upon who may or may not be the next victim. I watch for sniffers and  snufflers.  I'm close at hand with the thermometer for any potential hot heads.  I'm stuffed full of tissues ready to plug any leaks.  When I hear a different one splutter I pounce, “ooo dear, it sounds as if you've caught his cold.”
“I am not be cold.”
“No I meant that you've caught his bugs, you're ill, contaminated.”
“No!  Not ill.  I am need my birthday.”
“I know dear but you do seem to have a bit of a cough.”
“It not be cough, it be surplus extra borrowed airy  in my mouth parts.”
“Yeah, he don bin borrow my air,” chimes in his older defender.
“Yeah,…….and now it done bin jump back out agin, it's a jump air not a cough.”

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