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The perfect post award is hosted by Lindsay at “Suburban Turmoil” and Kimberley at “Petroville.”

These days most people have at least heard of autism. The subject seems to be in the news media every day and there are always those stories of Autistic Savants with their staggeringly unique talents. Otherwise, the news tends to be of the 'one off good time touchy feely' type of story or the 'gloom, doom and despondency' woefulness that shoots fear into the hearts of the general public.

The every day kind of autism, doesn't get quite as much attention as it is not considered 'newsworthy.' That said, there are any number of families all over the world who live with the day to day nature of special needs and autism. Most of these tales cover the tiny huge experiences that are of no great consequence to the world at large but are of pivotal significance to those in their orbit.

One such tiny huge tale was written by “NiksMom” over at “Maternal Instincts – Flying by the seat of my pants.” “NiksMom” isn't whizzing around in her undies, but rather keeping it all together in her trousers, as illustrated by her posting called “Taking Root, Taking Wing,” for which she receives October's Perfect Post award, in recognition of what most parents of special needs children attempt to achieve, hopeful growth and inspiration to others, I hope.

So don’t be shy. Maybe during November you’ll also read something that you might nominate for the Perfect Post Award =

The perfect post award is hosted by Lindsay at “Suburban Turmoil” and Kimberley at “Petroville.”

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