Holiday [3]

We are still in England.

Meanwhile I have a few scribbles from yesteryear, very tame, to tide you over.

Double click for larger view:-

Alternatively, these are a few posts from a while back re-posted.

1. Who’s afraid of the “Big Bad Wolf”
2. It’s a “dog’s Life.”
3. “Street Talk.”
4. “International Translations.”

5. “The Sleeping Life.”
6. “The difference between sarcasm and Irony.”
7. “Eat your Words.”
8. “Spoonfeeding.”
9. “Old Fogies.”
10. “Her Royal Hightness.”
11. “A right Dog’s Breakfast.”
12. “How to insult someone in a foreign language.”
“Notable Quote.”

14. “Literal Minded.”
Cheers dears

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