Two differing viewpoints

When faced with fresh, lightly chilled, extremely juicy and sweet, seedless watermelon:- one of my sons, the “former neophobic,” has very low facial muscle tone which makes eating a strenuous business, my other son, who eats more or less anything [except bananas] displays a remarkable dislike for this most innocent of fruits.

“I am called it an ‘aqua jaw breaker’ coz of dah watery and hard to biting.”

Or…… to eat watermelon without using your hands.

On the other hand……his brother:-


For yet another alternative view of watermelons, zip over to my pal “Melody” for a quick “slurp” and spit out the pips.

In a last note, it may be that you too are enjoying a thoroughly delightful life, but others, sadly, are not so blessed.

Maybe you could help out a smidge, or visit to see the devastation for yourself so that we can all thank our lucky stars.

Best wishes

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