My Opponent is in a Tournament

Two words each with three syllables and lately they’ve turned up together in lots of different sentences – it’s a new phase. The trouble with this particular phase is not a spelling issue but a pronunciation issue. For some unaccountable reason the two become smooshed together in a tangle, all discombobulated.

It’s a source of great frustration, understandably so – you wish to make a perfectly straightforward point but the two main words of the message turn into a tongue twister.

There’s always the usual advice – slow down, close your eyes, take a deep breath – amongst others, but that’s no good when the information is important and the syllables bounce and buoy around in all the wrong directions.

It’s tempting to simplify – why can’t he just say:-

My rival is in a battle

Or simpler still:-

My guy is in a fight.

Why torture a speech delay with extra syllables? All the meltdowns could be avoided if we could just give up and go for the easier option.

It’s painful to watch someone struggle to communicate – when youthful enthusiasm is foiled so frequently we need to take a different tack, something to nail those points in place.

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