Sensational Socks

Let’s face it–socks are a curse.

They’ve always been a problem around here although we’ve absorbed the American way and refer to the issue as ‘a challenge.’

Fighting about footwear is pointless and flinging the offending foot-covering may be viewed as a bid for freedom, bucking the trend, but it only gets us so far.

Seamless socks are a boon, but expensive, especially for four feet, five times a week. I’ve lost count of the number of hand-made socks I’ve created over the years, but there’s only so much help a young man can accept.


So we stick with the cheapies with those distinctive grey toes and heels.

Dull, but functional when flat, which is fine until you pick it up:-



And then it’s less obvious which bit is which, very uncooperative.  You put it on and the grey bits are scrunched.  So how can we remember the uncomfortable importance of getting this right, to avoid irritation throughout the day?





The alternative perspective is so much better to keep the elephants at bay.




Well, it will work for this week at least.

I foresee the future–a generation of men free from brogues and trainers, bounding about barefoot with their hairy twinkle toes and un-clipped nails–but I’ve been wrong before:-



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