How Behavioral Optometry can unlock your child’s potential by Joel H. Warshowsky – a book review


First up I must declare my biases:-

1.  I received a free galley copy of the book.

2.  One of my sons experienced a semester of vision therapy a few years ago and I have nothing positive to report from that experience.

3. Recently we’ve [he] had a diagnoses of Kerataconus which has greatly affected my opinions about the rosy future.


Now on to the book.

The sub-title is as follows:-  identifying and overcoming blocks to concentration, self-esteem and school success with vision therapy.  I can certainly check a few boxes on my wish list there.

When I read the first pages of a new book I often unconsciously pick up a sense of warmth or foreboding.  Sometimes there is a tone in the phraseology, or trigger words, which lead me to make certain assumptions about what’s ahead.  The writer has an agenda otherwise they wouldn’t have written the book.  Will it be benign or merely commercial?  In the realms of autism, is it some new crackpot theory or merely rehashing the old?


Strictly speaking this book is about vision therapy for those who need it, not necessarily those on the spectrum, and as such it has a much wider remit.  It’s a slim volume packed with both factual information as well as a welter of examples.  There are a plethora of inspirational personal stories and a whole host of helpful examples for the reader to relate to.  It also has a section about practical examples of what a carer can to do help with exercises.  These are particularly beneficial for those on a waiting list wondering what to do in the meantime, and also serve to reinforce therapy if and when it can be acquired.  It explains what to do and how and why it helps.


Overall, the ethos of the author shines through, his holistic and multifaceted approach is admirable.  I would hope that you could find a therapist like this where you are.


Available from JKP and Amazon.

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