Two for one

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Try This Tuesday

Only tiny ones for us after our four day weekend.


Read and weed some, so that the pile goes down.

And two:-

Each child to reproduce a picture of ‘cat’ to inspire “Nonna” to get on with her commissioned portrait of next door’s moggy

= done.

That’s about all I can manage for “today.”

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Cat and dog love

If your family already has a cat and wants to add a dog, or vice versa, how is the best way to ensure that they all get along?

It’s good to begin with a carefully orchestrated plan of desensitization. Never force either animal into close proximity with the other. This technique requires a great deal of time and patience. As with all relationships, it cannot be rushed. Each animal needs to progress at their own pace.

One easy place to start is to feed each animal it’s favourite treat by hand at the same time so that they can then learn to associate treats and the new pet, with positive associations. If this is done on a regular basis, gradually they will hopefully become physically closer.

Currently, our cats are not keen on the dog but will tolerate being in the same room together.

As we have just completed two science projects for school with the children, their enthusiasm for experimentation has expanded in quite unexpected directions. They decided to investigate another possibility to speed up relationship development between their pets with the assistance of these two trusty tools. First spray the dog with liquid cat nip then sprinkle liberally with dried catnip. Wait patiently for the cats to fall in love with the dog. They waited quite a long time until it suddenly dawned on them……both the cats and the dog are all boys. I decided to explain ‘ménage à trios,’ when they are older, maybe, the children not the pets.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Try This Tuesday

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Strategic planning and Banned words

Slurping Life

Like many parents, my life is lived through laundry. It sprouts from every corner of the house in various pending files; the hampers of clean laundry waiting to be put away, the colour sorted piles awaiting washing, the random discards in between. Considering how rarely anyone is suitably attired for any occasion, it is a complete mystery why this should be such a full time job.

I nab him as he flits by, “excuse me young man! What do you think you are wearing?” He hops in place, anxious to move on with several armfuls of trouser gathered at his waist. “I am be wear pant.”
“I can see that.” He looks at me blankly whilst trying to free his feet from several yards of surplus fabric. “They're not yours dear.”
“They're huge! Look!”
“Dey are be soft.”
“They’re mine!”
“Er……..we are not be use dah 'mine' word.”
“Yes but..”
“You are not be a good sharer wiv me?” He skates away without a backward glance at my de-hoisted petard.

I give up.

At least he's clothed in a manner of speaking.

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Ruby Tuesday and Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday!

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Ruby Tuesday and Cats on Tuesday

Look closely!

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Ruby Tuesday

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Post anything red!

How could I resist?

Take a bowl of cherry tomatoes from the garden and a handful of fresh herbs.

Buy a packet of that instant pastry.
Stab your cherry tomatoes so that they don’t explode in the oven or cut in half. Spread over the pastry, sprinkle with the finely chopped herbs [or dried Herbes de Provence], dusty with Parmesan. Bake.

Cats on Tuesday!

I’m in heaven!

What a tail!

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