Bye for now

We're off on our annual pilgrimage to “England,” a green and pleasant land so they say, but not without it’s “hazards.”
There again, we have the opportunity to relish “family support” for a few weeks and take time to bask in those tiny huge “triumphs.”
I suspect we shall spend less time in the “car” with the petrol prices and exchange rate being as they are. It’s probably time to kick back, “relax” and let the “campaigns” slide.

1. “Chat, chat, chat – breaking news”
2. “Zero sum and the division of labour”
3. “I do not like green eggs or otherwise”
4.“The Humane Society”
5. “Slap on the head for the handmaiden”
6. “Puppy dogs tails indeed”
7. “The Seven Deadly Sins”
8. “I hear Thunder”
9. “Truthful Tuesday, the sin of Pride”
10. “To be or not to be, that is probably the answer”
11. “Look to the Future.”
12. “Occupational Therapy – no Flying!”
13. “A Labyrinth of Liars”
14. “Personal Learning Curves”

So here are a few bits and bobs in the interim.
Cheers dears

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The Day after Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when all the workers who service your home pop around to visit with their box. You the householder, hand out tips of gratitude to the butcher, the baker, the milkman, the postman and any other men who provide a service! Or at least that’s the traditional, old fashioned tradition.

We, all modern American’s, are heading back home for the “wedding.”

So whilst we’re away, here are a few posts, some of the more popular or older posts that you may have missed.

This time of year when families gather, old memories come back as reminders, whether they are welcome or not. They are useful reminders that whatever you think is adrift in your current life, there is no way to accurately “predict the future.”

Parents all over the world, endeavour to do the best for their children but sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that we’re all just “muddling through.”

During any holiday, parents can bump into the unexpected, little hurdles that we aim to clear but often “trip us up.”

Some parents have a partner to assist them in the task of raising children, others are less fortunate. Others still, fail to appreciate the “input of the other parent.”

Multitasking is the name of the game if you happen to be a parent. Whilst you never imagined that you would become a juggler in your old age, if you hope to survive you need to dig up those “hidden talents.”

Modern life means we have it easy as appliances, make domestic existence “so much more flexible.”

Since the holiday season is over, I can return to my “grumpy old self.”

They say that travel broadens the mind, but all too often it leads you down a “blind alley.”

A speech impairment or delay can be a curious thing. Sometimes you may feel that you are “wading through treacle.”

We are all too free with our opinions, but sometimes we may inadvertently reach the “wrong conclusion.”

Some of us are slopping in our definitions, but other people require “more precision.”

See you later alligators.

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Send me a postcard!

We are off on our hols, but we we’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, here are a few posts that you have may be missed before I joined the Hub.

Leave me a little note so I’m not all lonesome when we get back.
[translation = chance would be a fine thing!]

1. “The Joys of Autism – Progress for all”

2. “High What?”

3. “No Way Jose!”

4. “I am not a princess”

5. “Ear Wigging”

6. “Static”

7. “Trying not to be critical”

8. “Plan A”

9. “Hemorrhaging”

10. “Mother Knows Best”

11. “Umpire”

12. “Fixations – what to do?”

13. “Undiagnosed – are you quite sure?”

14. “Tentative Steps”

15. “Progress”

16. “Wife Beating and recouperation”

17. “Do we have to?”

18. “Come in Number 2 your time is up”

19. “Secretarial Skills”

20. “A Rose”

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