Top 7

Taken from – Monthly progress report during December 2004

1. It is virtually impossible to 'kiss better' the inside of a small person's mouth after experimenting with unco-operative drinking straws.

2. Pretending to be a cat is delightful progress; pretending to use the cat litter falls into another category.

3. Fog is deemed ‘scary’ by the non verbal, such that driving at 5 mph becomes compulsory; we hope that the Highway Patrol are sympathetic.

4. Motor planning and co-ordination are improving; six inch red high heel shoes [size nine and a half] on a small boy should ensure that we enter the hallowed halls of the Child Protection League shortly.

5. Junior son's sensitivities [translation – tactile defensiveness] have been reduced so much that now, at the age of four, for the first time ever, he is able to pick his nose with his very own finger. Hallelujah!

6. Team leadership, co-operation, sharing and turn taking skills, in addition to comprehension. Following watching a program demonstrating how 16 people can be crammed into a British Mini car, Junior daughter demonstrates that two small boys can in fact be persuaded to squeeze into a tumble drier together. Well done Junior daughter, especially managing to shut the door.

7. It is unwise to be without your underwear, if you have poor coordination [translation = fine and gross motor skills] and a penchant for rotary egg beaters [translation = whisks] because;

a. It hurts

b. It is difficult to place a plaster [translation = band-aid] on the offending member

c. Your requests to 'kiss it better' makes my brain hurt.

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