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As some of you may already know, “April” is “Autism” “Awareness” month. Whilst this is a “controversial” “matter” I would like to help people understand that an autism diagnoses does not mean that my ‘real’ children were not stolen nor is it worse than cancer nor death. These perspectives are a great dis-service to people, “parents and children” who struggle with those real tragedies. Autistic people and those with special needs deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect that we offer everyone else on the planet.

As I am now on “Etsy,” I am offering this bowl, shipped for free anywhere in the World, as my small contribution.

It’s about six inches across and just over two inches high carved in forest green slip, my son’s favourite.

Some people are “autistic,” “adults,” “young people” and “teens,” some are “parents” or “single parents” of “autistic” children, there are lots of boys “as” well as “girls,” our neighbours and friends. Although you may not be directly affected I am quite certain that you already know someone who is autistic, even if you don’t know it. I would encourage you to add your name to the list either for yourself of someone you know. No matter where we are on the spectrum we all basically want the same thing, a better future for autistic people and those with special needs.

We may never achieve awareness but we may be able to encourage people to think differently.

Sorry it’s not a pi dish but the kiln at the studio is backed up and I cannot predict when they might be ready nor how many will come out in one piece.

There are lots of other giveaways available at “Melanie’s” site called

“Bloggy Giveaways,”

that may also tempt your fancy.

Best wishes

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Not Adorable

They lie on the floor of the waiting room whilst their sister has her second batch of x-rays. A middle aged woman like me, peers at a magazine through her bifocals with the cord dangling. Each of my boys has a Pokemon toy in each hand. The receptionist and her assistant exchange files behind their desk. The Pokemons chatter together quietly in their own language, assisted by my sons. An elderly gentleman rests his hands on his stick as he waits for his wife to return. It’s a long wait. Two high school girls wait for their father. A couple of youngsters saunter in with rucksacks straight from school with their Dad. They sit close by as their father completes paperwork, concentrates on filling the boxes. My boys continue to play, quietly. This is the first occasion that I have ever been able to manage them all without incident in a waiting room, but of course I’m not really managing them at all, they’re managing themselves. If they were between 3 and maybe six years old, no-one would turn a hair, but of course they’re so much bigger. I could actually do what other people do, things like read a book whilst they play, but I don’t as for once, ironically, even though I could, I’d rather watch instead.

It’s a diary moment, a milestone, just a little bit later than some other people. The familiar tune of a Nintendo DS game twinkles and sparks attention. My boys prop themselves up on their elbows to look across at the back of the open game console, in somebody else’s hands, “d’ya wanna play wiv us?” he offers in a thoroughly unprecedented socially appropriate manner. The gamer and his brother flash glimpse over the console, sneer and resume gaming. “Oh well,” he sighs as they continue to Pokemon, no meltdown, no reaction, no bitterness, a competent acceptance of a casual, commonplace rebuff. I think to myself, because I am biased, ‘go on, have a go, how can you resist, they’re so adorable!’ It’s just another one of those occasions that I never imagined we would ever experience, when I know that everything will be just fine.

Yes, I’m on “Etsy” now:-

If you require shipping to anywhere other than the United States you can contact me with your location so that I may provide you with the price of shipping for your consideration in advance.

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2 by 4 and other roadblocks

It’s a pretty ordinary kind of a day once they’ve all headed off for school. I strip two beds and start the laundry, nip out into the garden to plants a couple of packets of sunflower seeds, throw a couple of pots, bake a pair of loaves, take the dog for his customary two hour’s walk, fix two sprinkler heads, trim a couple of pots, carve one, attempt un-blurry photographs of said pots, return to supper preparations. As I peel potatoes at the sink I have the chance to listen to the radio on NPR where Michael Krasny interviews Germaine Greer about her latest fascinating book called Shakespear’s Wife, Anne Hathaway. My hands peel but by brain is back in Merry olde England, the trials of serfs, the division of labour, women’s rights and a whole slew of ancient memories of when I had a fully functioning brain when the phone rings.

The school requests collection of one ever so slightly, physically dented child.

I suspend all productivity and hare off to the school, then to the doctor, the radiologist and finally the Chemist for a sling. No permanent damage except to our finances and to her pride for apparently playing soccer with her hands!

This is why I shall never be an intellectual. Maybe I should buy the book?

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Pi Dish

Slurping Life
Get the code:-
Cut and paste
from this little
boxy thing below

Autism awareness month is nearly upon us, so I have a new design, with “Daniel Tammet” in mind, for those of us ordinary folks without savant skills.

Criticisms so far:-

1. The numbers are too big
2. The numbers are too small
3. There are not enough numbers, 50 numerals is stingy
4. The numbers are anti-clockwise
5. It has to end with a zero or serious pain ensues
6. The numbers are upside down
7. Where are the fish?
8. Why can’t we have negative numbers instead?
9. Green is better

Please feel free to add your own criticism and comments so that I can adjust and try to accommodate.

Cheers dears

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Swimming against the tide

Hosted by “Tracy” at “Mother May I,” but the photo-picture below will whizz you right there with one click.

Just call me snap happy.

red BSM Button


I’ve been very busy in the bowl / pot making department.

So I took a morning out to teach my daughter how to throw a pot on a wheel.
Pretty impressive stuff for a first timer!

This may look like my old design, but it’s a variation on a theme.

Can you spot the difference?

And yes, it is of great significance to me.

Some see a fish that looks like just all the others, indistinguishable from his fellows.

Some may see a rogue fish going the wrong way.

Others may feel an ironic association with eye contact, or maybe something else.

For me, it’s more that there is a different perspective, often more than one, but most of us are far too busy running with the crowd to notice alternatives and appreciate them for what they are, differences. Not better. Not worse. Different.

Hoping these little guys will be fired over the next two or three weeks when I hope to make them available on Etsy. Let me know if you need one, two or three outstanding freelance fish in your bowl?

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