An Accidental Meme

Is there any other kind, I wonder? So “Moondance” tagged me for this meme,“Moondance”, probably because she is a deep thinker type with a big brain. Curious that she should have tagged me for this one then!

The idea is that we think of 5 things that we would ‘save’ in the event of a hurricane or presumably any other natural disaster.

Or as she says, ‘Here’s how it works (this is my first time, so I may do it wrong):

1. Tell us what five things you would take with you from your home if you had to evacuate for a storm or forest fire or other emergency, and there was a chance you couldn’t come back.

2. Include a link to this post, and pass on this list of instructions.

3. Leave a comment below, so we can find your post.

4. Think of something you can do for someone who actually had to make that decision in real like, and share that idea with us, too.

5. Tag three or more people to pass it on.

What would you save?’

For a ‘first attempt’ I am full of praise. I thought my widget would break the first time I tried one of these, to say nothing of all those frightful linky winkies. Therefore, I am happy to encourage by participating.

1. Nonna.

2. Spouse.

3. Big daughter

4. Little daughter

5. Big son………only five…..oh dear this isn’t going to work. Do you mean I have to “choose?”

Oopsie! Always pay close attention to the details. Moondance wrote ‘things‘ not people.


Much easier.

1. The Laptop. More portable that a zillion heavy photograph albums.

2. Sable

3. Blankie

4. Pikachu

5. The basket of DS’s and re-chargers.

They’re not ‘valuable’ as such, but will be invaluable as serious motivators if we are ever to be able to dig ourselves out of the rubble…….

“Dig, dig, dig dearies and when we get out you can 30 minutes electronics time, whilst I pick Dandelion leaves for supper.”

So now I need to tag five other people, or there abouts? On this particular occasion I leave you to choose whether to participate or not. I recently read “Lou’s” post about “tagging” which gave me pause for thought. Possibly on a very small pause and an even smaller thought, but I still ponder. Everyone in the blogosphere seems a little over-burdened at the moment and I shouldn’t wish to add to the load, but if you do, let me know.

Cheers dears

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