Pet Rocks [England is evil 8]

Sometimes I think we can be more direct as bloggers at the weekend, when traffic is lower, maybe more rambling, perhaps less slick and maybe more frank?

After several aborted attempts he is eventually lured onto the beach, despite the sand. I cannot fathom the derivation, but the new game, of his own making, works a treat. After nearly an hour of this play, it would be easy to think that his retrieval skills are unmatched.

His phrase is, “I went digging and guess what I found?” whereupon he presents me with a rock with an exceptionally surprised expression on his face and a little gasp. Then it's my turn to say, “Wow, just as well I brought the bucket!” If I fail to look sufficiently surprised he gives it another go. He is patience personified. I have rarely seen him so content at play with something other than 'electronics.'

For many this would be dull, especially the constant repetition. It's probably the sort of thing you do with a toddler, but I really don't care. I'm sure most parents love to play with their children, but for me, everything is always a group activity. If my other children were present my attention would be divided, and the 'play' would be a stresser. Who is doing what? Always on edge waiting for the next meltdown, the next disaster, the next unforeseen and unanticipated danger. May I've just forgotten how to relax?

I know we all have them, those sweet moments of perfect intimacy. It's these tiny huge moments that slip through my fingers. Just for now, for me, one on one, is such a precious treat.

I'm so happy I could cry.

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Another fruitless conversation?

[from a few weeks back]

I decide that although senior son has no temperature, [translation = has recovered] he would benefit from a little recouperation time. [translation = recharge the batteries to full capacity rather than sending him back to school with low energy reserves]

I notice that he seems to take [un]natural delight in taunting his siblings, “I am ill, [translation = sick] I stay home, you go school. Bye!” he says with glee.

{sub translation = sick equals vomit, so Americans go around telling everyone 'I am vomit today.' If only they knew!}] His siblings depart disgruntled, no doubt concocting plans to contract some contagious disease rather than learn anything whilst at school.

He is definitely better, not energetic, but vertical. I try to think how we can use our day, so that whilst it remains 'enjoyable' it doesn't end up causing me pain. [translation = he has so much fun at home that he then refuses to return to school] I consider reading to him. It’s a compulsory menu item anyway, but maybe I could increase the frequency?

The cats gambol around the newly erected Holiday tree. [translation = in the house for almost a week now and only decorated with lights] A light bulb moment!

“I know! How about we start decorating the tree?”
“You are talking to me?” Good referencing even though we are alone. Everyone else is at school or at work.
“Yes, I'm talking to you dear.”
“Oh. What you say again?” Perfect! If in doubt ask for help. [translation = reiteration or translation ]
“How about we start decorating the tree?” [Translation = don't change the original question as it causes unnecessary confusion] Pause. Wait. Count to fifteen with 'ands,' as this is an averagely good day with little interference. [translation = sibling demands]
“Tree? What tree?” I refuse to sigh, I keep my face neutral.
“This tree dear.” I stand aside to reveal the 12 foot tree, three inches behind me, bedecked in multi-coloured lights that are blazing.
“Oh! That tree!” What other tree could he possibly have been thinking of? [translation = such negative considerations are not helpful]
“Shall we start putting decorations on it?”
“Why?” Oh dear, here we go. [translation = become tied up in semantics. {sub translation = tree remains naked}]
“Because it will be fun.”
“Fun for who?” A pertinent question as always.
“For both of us. We can do it together, just you and me.”
“You and me?”
“You are sure it is fun?”
“I am.” He pauses to digest this information. Patience, patience, it's coming, it's coming, keep counting. [translation = don't forget the 'ands' as he's processing multiple factors] His hands slowly move to his hips, he adopts a jaunty stance, flips back a hank of hair with a jut of his chin to advise me, “Well….I can see that maybe it is fun for you…….but not for me……but I will hep you anyways.”
I resist the urge to squeeze him tight for his magnanimity. Although, no doubt, he would enjoy the proprioceptive input, on the whole, positive praise and reinforcement has unfortunate consequences. That’s my fix for the day!

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