Part 2 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies

By Rob Willson and Rhena Branch,TopRight,35,-73_OU15_SS100_.jpg


It’s all about me:-

Here’s a gem I came across which is proving very helpful for the perfectionists amongst us.

This is my rendering of their illustration which is simple enough to reproduce for your own version.


Yes it is a bit small but if you look carefully you will see that the capital ‘I’ is made up of many, many little ‘i’s.  This is great for the visual learners amongst us and goes to illustrate the principle that each of us is made up of lots of different little bits that go together to make a whole person.

Hence, when one of those little ‘i’s falls out or proves itself to be less than perfect, there is no need to have a  meltdown because all the other many pieces are still in tact. It is not the end of the world.  This picture can help with perspective taking, the big picture rather than focusing all attention on one minute blemish.

Alternatively, the imperfection once identified, is most probably less than 1% of the whole.  [wise parents count to make sure there are indeed one hundred little ‘i’s.]  This can help calm down those who have a tendency to catastrophize a situation.


It can also be used by printing off a fresh sheet every day and then marking each hic-cup with a pen or sticker, then even if you happen to experience a really tough day, the majority will remain unmarked.  Over time, say a week, a child can then see the progress they’ve made – this is especially good for perfectionists who are also pessimists and provides visual feedback or proof of improvement.


…….and still alive to tell the tale!

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England 2, America Infinity

My son snuggles up close to purr with contentment as our holiday draws to a close. He is still at the ‘part cat’ stage of development but there is no harm in checking whether England has grown in attractiveness after an additional annual exposure.
“So………is there anything else you like about England now?”
“Um……additional…….extra. You like afternoon tea time but is there a number two, a second thing that you like?”
“I think maybe I am liking all dah alley’s.”
“Yes…….alley’s is being dah little wiggly roads dat are being too small for proper cars.”
“Ah! Yes indeedy. All those little cobbled streets are rather quaint.”
“Dey are perfect.”
“Really! You surprise me. I thought you liked large, straight and neat.”
“Yes but my cat part like’s alley’s betterer.”

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