The Ghost of Garfield

Slurping Life

I stand in the middle of the kitchen listening to NPR tell me that my brain, just like everyone else's brain is incapable of multi-tasking. I happen to agree with them even though my behaviour betrays me. The implication, is that people positively choose to multi-task, rather than having multi-tasking thrust upon them. Personally, I can think of few things finer than having the luxury to devote all my attention to just one thing.

Maybe I should pass the message on to the next generation.

I know he likes to read these……..

I know he likes to ride this………

But rarely have I seen the two combined so determinedly.


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Photo Friday

Their Widget

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Why have I only just found this ‘compose’ area of blogger?

Relationships can be such a “Conundrum” not to say puzzle!

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Photo Friday – ordinary

Surprise, surprise we can do very ordinary too.

Unless you take into account the photographer himself, who was supposed to be in bed, and the fact that it’s merely a reflection in the glass window, then it’s a bit more…..well…..less ordinary, at least around here.

If you enjoy photography as well as a giggle, you may wish to pop along to “DJ Kirky’s” blog and have a go at her “caption contest” or even book mark it for next week?

Cheers dears

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Photo Hunt String

Photo Hunt String

“Photo Hunt”

Scroll down for our regularly scheduled programme.

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Photo Friday – exercise

Actually this apparently isn’t exercise, merely play, and supposedly fun.

Each to their own I say dearies.


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Photo Friday – old fashioned

What is it?

Well it’s several things all at once.

1. a traditional gift for a baby

2. a whistle [see the little hole in the pipe]

3. a rattle [hence the bells]

4. supposedly you could rattle the rattle to entertain the baby whilst you blow the whistle to corral the rest of your herd. Could prove a very interesting experiment trying to rattle and whistle at the same time. You’ll probably find your self all alone with absolutely not children or babies within sight.

But that’s just my take of course.

Cheers dears

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