Intolerance – a snippet

We conclude that there are 4 potential restaurants that may earn our patronage today. Prior to any final decision making, I call one in particular, just to check.
“Hi, this is San Jose's most premiere restaurant in the Bay Area serving find food to the discerning public, specializing in pasta and seafood in a family style, how may I be of service to you today?”

It's hard to process the message, delivered at speed with a gasp for breath at the end.
“Good morning. I was wondering if you served fries please?”

I am careful not to allow the word 'chips' escape from my lips as it is unfair to confuse the foreigners. I keep it brief, as American's dislike waffle and time wasters. I stop myself from havering over the use of 'premiere.' The pronunciation is so mangled it cannot be French, but I have started a new personal campaign, I shall not be picky about individual words. I shall be tolerant.
“Fries? D'ya mean French Fries?” she asks in a tone of American incredulity.
“Mais oui!”

My bad!

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