Water Diversions

Fam hosepipe

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Littering Logic

banana litter060

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Green Capitalists – step by step guide

How to make paper flower pots from newspaper and then further exploit the enterprise.

This idea was originally from my chum “DJ Kirkby” on her post over “here” but I decided to steal it from her to provide her with the opportunity to sue me for copyright infringement. They’re a litigious lot those Brits.

1. You will need a PVC pipe of the right diameter [small, medium, large] a cutting tool and some newspaper.

2. Chop the pipe to the desired height that you want your pot to be.

3. Turn the newspaper diagonally and fold in half for extra strength.

4. Fold over again to the same height as the pipe.

5. turn over the paper and roll the length of the strip around the pipe.

6. several time until you have a couple of inches of tail left.

7. fold upwards.
8. Tuck in the other end, squish it, to form the bottom.

9. tuck in the top tail between one of the folds.

10. Voila! Pots for free.

11. Make loads in advance ready to fill whenever you come across an errant seeding.

This was, necessarily, a joint family enterprise to take account of different people’s skills and limitations. Those who were paper averse in the tactile defensiveness department relied upon the fine motor skills of their sister to help fashion the pots.

Then is was the boys’ turn to identify the seedlings in the garden. It’s easy enough to spot different coloured flowers but it’s far more taxing to identify teeny tiny little green plants and to differentiate between them. However with a handy aide memoire clutched in their hot little puds, this too turned out to be easy peasy. Laminate both sides because you know it’s going to get muddy and soggy.

N.B. make one for each child to avoid hic-cups.

Then all you have to do is wait a couple of weeks for the seedlings or cuttings to settle in.

After that teach the basic principles of capitalism to your socialists who pocket money is apparently deficient.

Then sit back and watch the competition clean up with baubles for the magpies amongst us.

“Works for Me Wednesdays” the “Frugal” Edition.

Yes I know it’s only Tuesday, but I’m a bit previous today.

N.B.B. This post is brought to you via the ability to enjoy outside play.


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How to make a chef’s hat

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Try This Tuesday

Now surely this is something that everyone needs in their life, regardless of whether you’re a gourmand or a cheez whiz kind of a cook. It’s really a question of look the part and step into the role.

All you need is some stiff card, seleotape, scissors, measuring tape and five minutes.

Measure the diameter of the head that you wish to adorn and mark that length plus an inch onto the card. Try and find a large piece of old card to re-use rather than recycle.

Cut through the card to a two inch border that will form the head band.

Clip and then tape the headband to overlap one inch.

Reach through the inside and tape the lengths together to form a dome.


Go on, indulge your child’s latest whim. Now that’s what I call “positive reinforcement.” When I think of how I had the nerve to ask the staff at Flames for one of their “disposable chef’s hats,” I can feel a blush! What can I say? Pushy Brits. Now that’s something I’d never have been brave enough to do a few years ago. There again the real bravery award goes to someone willing to put something on his head!


Don’t forget to check out other participants.

On a side note, if you are struggling to pay for therapy for your special needs child, if the insurance has dried up and tossed you to one side, if you ever think for one moment that the whole thing is completely hopeless, takes forever and wonder if you really are doing the right thing…….I’m here to tell you, or rather ask you, to remain hopeful.

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Got you pegged!

A step by step guide to making your own peg bag or laundry hamper or toy tidy, it’s that versatile! Reduce, recycle, re-use and go green all at the same time.


Level of difficulty = easy peasy

This is best made from sturdy material such as corduroy, canvas or heavy linen. Alternatively, use up anything you have hanging around including old clothes that are no longer wearable. Use a plastic hanger because then when it’s hanging up outside in the weather it won’t rust.

Cut out the shape, large or small depending upon how many mountains of laundry you tackle in the average day.

Look at your hand, if you are the one who will be pegging out the clothes and compare it’s size to the bowls in your kitchen. Use the right size bowl to draw a circle in the upper centre of the front of the bag with taylor’s chalk, or any other chalk come to think of it. [*] Keep it on the high side so that you can reach into the bag, as if you put it too low all the pegs will fall out.

Sew around the hole with bias binding.

Since bias binding is hideously expensive and comes in a really titchy packets, you can make your own either contrasting or of the same material. All you have to do is cut a strip diagonally [the bias] across the warp of the fabric. [or possibly weft?] Bias binding is stretchy and therefore more forgiving when you attach it.

Bind off the neck [top] similarly to prevent fraying.

French seam outside edge and reinforce the ‘shoulders’ and base seam if you plan to use a lot of pegs, as if they’re wooden they get much heavier when they’re wet.

Lastly insert the hanger through the hole.[*] Make sure that the hanger will also fit through the hole first before you attach the bias binding.

These natty little bags are also very handy for camping unless you want to sleep in a nest of Pokemon. They also double as laundry hampers. You can hang them on the back of your child’s bedroom door to encourage independence. If you use them for either of the previous purposes then it’s a good idea to add an open-able flap at the bottom of the bag for quick release.

I have tried doing this with old favourite t-shirts but the results are a bit too stretchy with far too much give, however, I think it’s perfectly feasible to make the bag out of a plain white fabric and then attach a large front square of the stretchy T-shirt as an appliqué decoration.

And if anyone gives me a tissue box cover or a peg bag for Mother’s Day I shall be extremely miffed………unless it’s been made with tender loving care from smaller people with bigger souls.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Try This Tuesday

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Pain in the planet

The workings of the mind are always intriguing. As my autistic boys learn to express themselves verbally, all too often we get tied up in knots of confusion, or rather I do. Trying to unravel their enquiries is often time consuming and requires a great deal of patience. They have to be patient with me whilst my brain plays catch up and connects the dots which are obvious to them but minute and disguised to me.

“Eeoow! What is dat stinky smell which is being in my nose?”
“Yes sorry about that. It’s recycled clay.”
“Recycle? Recycle is stink?”
“Not always but in this particular instance, yes. It’s all the left over bits of clay. I stick them in an old pillow case, in a bucket filled with water. Then when it’s all smooshed together I can use it again, but it is rather smelly.”
“What for the other things that we are do then?”
“Dah two?”
“Which two?”
“Dah re-use and dah reduce.”
“What about them?”
“Are they being the stink too?”
“No they’re not stinky.”
“An dah other one?”
“Which other one? We already have them all, re-use, reduce, recycle, that’s it.”
“What it is mean?”
“What does what mean?”
“Oh…..well Joyce is a name.”
“Who name it is being?”
“Well it can be a first name, like Joyce Grenfell, or it can be a last name like James Joyce.”
“I am like dah other joyce bestest?”
“Er…..you’ve lost me.”
“Dah other ‘re’ is not stink. I am liking dah smell of dah other ‘re.’”
“We’re back to re? What’s that got to do with Joyce? Do you know someone called Joyce whose keen on recycling……or……..something?”
“No. Where is your think today?”
“Think or stink? What are we talking about here?”
“We are have dah old ones.”
“Which old ones?”
“Dah re-use, reduce and dah recycle.”
“O.k. So they’re old are they?”
“So what’s the new one then?”
“Dah re-joyce which is being smell nice and is being a nice name for a nice smelly thing.”

Who knew fancy tea-bags could ever provoke such a debate?

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