Very close

My children like many other people’s children, rarely, if ever, volunteer information about how their day went –  it’s like pulling teeth, but every once in a while they go all verbal on me.

“D’ya know what mum?”

“What dear?”

“Today we had science.”

“Did you indeed.  And what did you learn?”

“We learneded about the male body.”

“Ah.  What did you learn about the male body?”

“Males are different from females.”

“How true.”

“We learneded how males differ from females.”

“How interesting.  Maybe we should talk about this after dinner.”

“D’you know the biggest difference is being?”

But he’s on a roll.

“I do,  like I said, later.”

He’s unstoppable.

“Females are different from males because they don’t have a bladder.”


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Feminism – the new order

I cook in the kitchen, but I just can’t help my ear from nipping round the corner, just to check.

Girls!” he says with the breathy tone of mischief.
“Girls? What girls? Why didya say girls?”
Girls…..are recyclable.”
“Whatcha mean? Recyclable?”
Girls………you can use em again and again and again.”
“Yuck! What are you talking about you little ole dipstick. Mom he’s bein disgustin……again……I think.”
“I not being disgustin. I am being Mother Nature’s friend.”
“Yuck. Mom I think that sex education class teacher shouldn’t teach him nothin else!”
“No. I am been good to be green.”
“Green? Whatcha talking about now?”
“I am being saying that girls are green.”
“Shut up why dontcha.”
“No……girls are green because they recycle with their babies. They make themselves again and again and again with their babies. Ultimate recycling.”

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