Fresh Air and Planning ahead

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I’m not that good at thinking ahead, “working” and planning as “Trish.” I also lack her “good humour” and “positive approach” especially in the 94 degree heat this week I must say I’m not so much ‘looking forward to summer’ but already frying. However, I know that most families do try to plan ahead and so I just wanted to mention this thoroughly splendiferous organization called “Fresh Air” which aims to show the ‘country life’ to those cooped up in the cities and burbs.

When I first nipped over “there” to check it out, I must admit that I mis-read the header as ‘donate a child,’ which for obvious reasons seriously grabbed my attention!

Maybe you’d like to volunteer to “host,” maybe you’d like to “volunteer” or “spread the word” about this non-profit. Many life times ago in England we opened our home to foreign exchange students so I can tell you first hand that it can be a lot of fun but anything that gets children out and about certainly gets my vote as around here we have been more or less house bound for many a long year.

Cheers dears

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