This Lovely Life by Vicki Forman

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Remember the book “giveaway?”

Well I’d just like to let you know who won. However, first of all I must come clean and admit that I think that the drawing was grossly unfair. When I tell you who it is, read the name quickly and see if you make the same association that I do? Of course I can’t be certain that he really cheated and the other two are no better as they share the same bias.

Do you know this little guy?

Isn’t it awfully close to this “chapess”:-

“Kirkby” So “congratulations” I’ll let Vicki know but I’m doubtful whether her carrier pigeon is up to transatlantic. [Should have thought of that first]

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I don’t know about you but at this time of year I like to kick back a try a little escapism in my summer reading. So I’d like to challenge you to step into someone else’s shoes, just for a couple of hundred and sixty three pages. Generally speaking my first choice would be a whodunit, preferably one I can solve myself well before the end but not too soon after the first few chapters. That’s my kind of escapism from what I am apt to call ‘my miserable existence.’ Although I call it that, it’s because I love a good moan and I am so exceptionally good at it too. I could take up grumbling professionally, a second career and then rub my mucky hands on the glass ceiling when I bump my head on it. That said, every once in a while you come across a life changing story, like Vicki Forman’s ‘A Lovely Life, a memoir of premature motherhood.’ If you should happen to come across such a story it can be sobering to realize that it’s not a story, it’s true. If you read a true account of someone else’s life, even if you are an expert moaner, it may just be that you might gain a different perspective on your plight. I did. Will you?

If you would like the chance to win a free copy of Vicki’s book, signed by the author herself, all you have to do is read the “review” over “here” and leave a comment there, or here as the linky thing is bust. I’ll send them all along to her together with the winner’s name to be announced on Tuesday 1st September. You could invite your chum to join in too, you know the one, the misery guts who never has a good word to say about anything.

Wouldn’t that be subtle?

This might be a good one to stumble or tweet to help spread the word, should anyone feel so inclined?

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Friends for the next century

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On another tack, there’s this little woman whom I have never met, called Vicki. She lives just a hop skip and a jump up the road from me and blogs at “Speak Softly.” She’s a busy little bug what with her “Literary Mama” column. I expect you know her too. What you may have missed, what with it being summer and all, is that her book “This Lovely Life” which is featured over here on this “Web page,” although my copy is winging it way from “Amazon,” probably via some unfortunate carrier pigeon knowing my luck. I’m pretty confident that it’ll prove a great read as she’s one of those eternal optimists but I’ll keep you posted.

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